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Basement Finishing System ®

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Transform Your Space

The Owens Corning® Basement Finishing System ® is designed to allow you to add more living space in far less time than a drywall basement. It also helps absorb sound, is easily removable for foundation access, and is mold and mildew resistant.

Features & Benefits


Wall panels remove for foundation, electrical and plumbing access.

Mold & Mildew Resistant

Unlike drywall, Owens Corning® Basement Finishing system® wall panels are inorganic and not a food source for mold and mildew.


With an 85% sound absorption (.85 NRC), you can count on better acoustic control compared to drywall.

Peace of Mind

Relax and know your investment is protected by a Lifetime Limited Warranty that is transferable to the next homeowner.

Basement Finishing Systems ®

Basement Finishing System™


  • Thermal and Acoustic Insulation for Comfort and Quiet
  • Resists Mold and Mildew*
  • Durable, Dent-Resistant, and Maintenance Free Walls
  • Easy access to Foundation, Pipes and Electrical Boxes
  • Installed in About 2 Weeks
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Class A Fire Rating

PLUS: Paintable Walls

Basement Finishing System™


  • Thermal and Acoustic Insulation for Comfort and Quiet
  • Resists Mold and Mildew*
  • Durable, Dent-Resistant, and Maintenance Free Walls
  • Easy access to Foundation, Pipes and Electrical Boxes
  • Installed in About 2 Weeks
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Class A Fire Rating

PLUS: Paintable Walls

Only the Best for Your Basement

Looking to compare drywall versus the Owens Corning® Basement Finishing System® ? Learn more about why drywall is NOT for basements.

Outperforms the Competition

Traditional building materials were not made for the basement environment. Drywall and wood studs provide food sources for mold to thrive in the humidity that is common in basements. The Owens Corning® Basement Finishing System® was the first purpose-built basement solution for finishing your basement. With over $1 billion dollars in basements installed, you can be assured that when you choose the Owens Corning® Basement Finishing System®, you are choosing the best finishing materials for your basement.

Comparison Criteria




Class A Fire Component Test ASTM E84

Fire System Test ASTM E 286

Mold Resistance
Paintable Finish

Recycled Content

Clean Installation
Installation Time (10 Days)
Removable Panels (easy access to foundation walls)
Warranty Lifetime Limited/Transferable

Noise Reduction Coefficient




Imagine A Beautiful, Functional, and Comfortable Space

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Highly recommend

We’re very happy with how our project turned out. They transformed the space from a cold dark basement to a warm bright living space in just four short weeks. They worked around our work schedule to work while we were not home and took care of everything from the planning, permits, installation, inspections, painting, and coordinating the electrical work. Highly recommend!

– January 5th, 2020 Concord, NH

Beautiful Work!

One month start to finish. Carpenter was a true craftsman; beautiful work. The project manager stayed in touch and handled concerns well. Now a great new exercise space.

– January 17th, 2020 Norwalk, CT

The workmanship was superior!

They finished the basement of our second home on Cape Cod. The workmanship was superior! Work started early and was completed timely. Their service personnel were fantastic to work with and very considerate of our requests.

– February 12th, 2020 Cape Cod, MA

This is Our Second Finished Basement

Very professional and easy to work with. Both jobs were finished very quickly and the final product is amazing. This system is slightly higher than a typical drywall product, but you get what you pay for.

– April 25th, 2020 Bridgewater, MA

We were impressed

They were attentive to designing a space to meet our needs but most importantly, we were impressed with the basement system because it is moisture-resistant, mold-resistant, and sound absorbent.

– May 24th, 2020 Washington, DC

our basement looks AMAZING

Great experience. They were professional, clean, communicated regularly and clearly, and did excellent work. Additionally, our basement looks AMAZING. We are very pleased with the high quality of both materials and service.

– June 13th, 2020 in Attleboro, MA

They were very responsive

They did a fantastic job remodeling our basement. They worked hard and were always professional. The wall panel system is high-quality and smart. They were very responsive to our questions, comments and requests. Our main contact even came in one extra day and fixed our minor complaints all by himself.

– Jul 22nd, 2020 in Manchester, NH

we are very pleased

Overall we are very pleased with the quality of the finished product and timeliness of our basement renovation. The workers and contractors were professional and performed quality work

– Sept 8th, 2020 in Burlington, MA

We have been loving our basement

The working crew was in and out in 2 weeks and we have been loving our basement for over a year now. Great peace of mind knowing that if (or when) a water problem happens in our basement, we can just pop a wall section off, fix the leak, and put the wall back on.

– October 10th, 2019 Columbus, OH
Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost?
Each basement is unique, but compared to other remodeling projects, finishing your basement can be the most cost effective and offers you the greatest return on your investment.
How do I get started?
It’s easy. Just call 1-800-BASEMENT™.
Is the Basement Finishing System™ available in stores?
To assure optimum results, it is offered and installed by our Basement Finishing System™ certified professionals.
What advantages does it have over traditional drywall?
Many. Drywall dents easily, restricts access to your foundation, is damaged by moisture and is subject to mold and rot. The Owens Corning® Basement Finishing System™ helps eliminate these problems, and others.
Will it waterproof my basement?
The Basement Finishing System™ panels are moisture-resistant to accommodate high-humidity environments, but cannot correct an existing water problem in your basement.
How long does it take to install?
The Owens Corning® Basement Finishing System™ can be installed in less time and with less mess than traditional drywall. An average basement can be completed in about 2 weeks.
What is the R-Value of the product?
Our system has an R value of R-11 or R-18 depending on your local code requriments. “R” means thermal resistance to heat flow. Insulation works by helping to keep the heat in your home in the winter and the heat out of your home in the summer – keeping you more comfortable!
Will I have access to my foundation walls?
Yes. It is imperative that you have easy access to your foundation walls in the event of a pipe leak, electrical problem or foundation issue The Basement Finishing System™ provides easy access with removable walls and trim components.
Are the materials mold and mildew resistant?
Because of the basement’s unique environment, water damage and moisture are not uncommon and can lead to mold and mildew growth. Exposure to mold and mildew can cause upper respiratory illnesses. All materials used in the Basement Finishing System™ are resistant to mold & mildew**.
Has the product been independently tested?
Yes. The Basement Finishing System™ has been tested by third party certified labs for flammability, thermal, acoustical, and stability performance as required for listing by International Code Council Evaluation Service, Inc.™ and is building code compliant with the International Residential Code®.
Are there acoustic benefits of adding insulation to my basement?
The Basement Finishing System™ features acoustic insulation that delivers up to 95% sound absorption providing good sound quality to your room making your home a peaceful more enjoyable place for everyone.

Product Information & Warranty

Basement Finishing System Brochure

Brochure highlighting the features and benefits of the Owens Corning Basement Finishing System.

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Basement Finishing System Lifetime Limited Warranty

Warranty document stating what is covered and how to make a claim.

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